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Oklahoma woman goes above and beyond to help feed students

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It may seem like an ordinary school lunch but for some of these kids, it's their only meal of the day.

But away from the cafeteria and down the school halls is where some are working to put an end to that.

Each Friday, several people at the Guthrie High School get together and bag up food for students to take home.

"This is our food pantry. It provides basically five meals for them on the weekends," said Principal Chris LeGrande.

Marla works in the school cafeteria and had no idea she was nominated for Pay It 4Ward.

Each day, Marla serves hundreds of trays to hungry students but doesn't want their food supply to stop in the school lunch line.

"I don't want children to do without at all, and some kids this is the only meal they get is when they're here. I want them to have food to take home, too," said Marla Garrett.

She picks up a grocery list from the school office and with donations, along with her own money, she buys easy to prepare food for kids. And if there's any left over, she buys treats to go along with it.

Donors are anonymous. They want to be as low-key as the students on the receiving end of such generosity.

So, just because the school day is over, doesn't mean meals have to be, too.

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