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“I needed my parents,” Video shows SUV hit boy on bike then speed away

HOLIDAY, Florida - An out-of-control SUV was caught on camera fishtailing down a Florida street with a boy on his bike directly in its path.

Johnny Walsh, Jr., 14, had nowhere to go and, within an instant, he was sent flying across the street.

"He almost ran me over too, but I hurried up and rolled the other way," Walsh told WFLA-TV.

When he realized what had happened, his bike was a mangled mass of metal and Walsh was bruised and limping.

"I don't remember saying anything except, 'I needed my parents'," Walsh said.

The Florida Highway Patrol is looking for the driver of the gold Ford Explorer, who also plowed into a neighbor's truck.

Walsh was very fortunate - only suffering cuts and bruises, to the great relief of his parents.

"When I saw the video and how he just ran him over and took off, it was just as shocking," Johnny Walsh, Sr. said.

The Florida Highway Patrol is still searching for the vehicle with the Florida tag GYCT99.

"Just be a man and come forward. You could have killed my son," Walsh Sr. said.