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Oklahoma City Police looking for pair of burglars caught stealing on surveillance video

OKLAHOMA CITY - A pair of burglars were caught stealing items on surveillance video.

Police say two burglars hopped the fence at Apublix Self-Storage on N.W. 10th and Council on May 12th.

Then, they used tools to crack open two random storage units.

“We're still working to determine exactly what they took,” said Officer Travis Vernier.

However, by looking at the surveillance video, it looks like they took more than a handful. The suspects made off with boxes, suitcases, and trash bags full of items.

And police don't think this was the first place they hit.

“These two suspects could also be involved in at least one other burglary here in Oklahoma City and we're investigating that as well,” Vernier said.

The Oklahoma City Police Department posted the surveillance video on its Facebook page.

Officers told NewsChannel 4, a person commented saying they also have surveillance of similar-looking suspects and believe they could be involved in a theft at a different location.

But right now, investigators are working with little information.

“We believed the suspects were driving a beige or tan colored SUV,” said Vernier.

The suspects are still at large. If you have any information call Oklahoma City Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.