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‘All clear’ given after tow truck driver calls police about suspicious item in car

OKLAHOMA CITY – Authorities say the ‘all clear’ has been given after a tow truck driver alerted them to a suspicious looking item inside a car.

Around 9 a.m., Oklahoma City police received a call from a concerned tow truck driver who was hired to tow a car from the parking lot of a synagogue.

While working to tow the car away from the synagogue, the tow truck driver spotted something strange inside the vehicle.

When bomb squad investigators arrived at the scene, they determined the suspicious item appeared to be the remnants of a mobile meth lab.

However, they said they were taking all explosive safety precautions and urged the public to avoid the 900 block of N.W. 47th St.

Several hours later, officials gave the ‘all clear’ and were able to determine that the item was not an explosive device. Instead, they concluded that they likely were associated with a meth lab.