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Family selling their entire homestead through essay contest

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BINGER, Okla. - It`s a typical day on the Ruthardt homestead in Binger.

The family loves their eight acres of land and 700 square foot home they built themselves.

“If we built our home and lived a little further out, we could have our own thing, have our own garden and we could be debt free a lot sooner than what we had planned,” Matt Ruthardt said.

That was three years ago. Since then they've decided to go even smaller and live on the road.

"Our boys will be home or road schooled and we plan on spending our winters on the beach and our summers in the mountains,” Matt said.

“When we live in the RV, we`ll just be outside more, so the RV will just be more for driving and sleeping,” son Tucker said.

"And it will be fun to travel and be minimalists,” son Tasher said.

So, they`re leaving everything behind. Everything. Furniture, livestock, garden and even their pick-up truck. They're hoping you'll buy it all for one hundred bucks.

“We finally came up with the idea, or Casey did, to do an essay contest.”

$100 entry fee and a 200 word essay about why you want to win this homestead.

"We just wanted someone to win it all for $100 so that they could be mortgage free and just live a simpler like like we did when we first moved in here,” Casey Ruthardt said.

They need at least 1500 people to enter the contest.

The money raised will pay for the home and costs on the road.

“And hopefully to inspire people you know? That`s what our goal is. To inspire people to do their dreams,” Casey Ruthardt said.

The family is hosting an open house Saturday May 20 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Click here for more information or visit their website here.