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Rockets Assistant & Carl Albert Grad Irv Roland Remembers Roots In OKC

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Look just past James Harden and you will see one of OKC's own working with the Houston hero.

Carl Albert grad Irv Roland has passed his way through the NBA ranks.

Turning an internship into a player development position with the Rockets.

Working side by side with 'The Beard' while making a case for the MVP.

'It`s been an unreal season,' Irv Roland, Rockets player development coach, said. 'To see him put up the type of numbers that he did. That`s an amazing feat. To be able to be the second leading scorer in the NBA, but also help your teammates get better. To have the third best record in the NBA, we would`ve been first in the East, it was a pretty big accomplishment. Especially with just one all star.'

LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Chris Paul are all clients and close friends of Irv`s, who keeps a pretty busy schedule.

Over the next month or so he`ll be in Miami, Los Angeles and even China working for Adidas and Harden.

Despite all that Roland returns back to the halls here at Carl Albert High School to take time to work with a few Oklahoma up and comers, who are balancing college choices, and may even raise a trophy or two in their near future.

'It is unique,' Roland said. 'I won`t toot my own horn. I don`t talk about myself at all. Most people don`t even know what I do honestly. For me I feel like I`d be cheating them if I didn`t come back and give back because there`s so many things that I wish that, as all adults, I would have known back then."

Roland's prized pupils are Carl Albert's Mason Harrell and Midwest City's Keyshawn Embry.

The rising seniors already have offers to play at the next level, but the offer to work with Irv is one they can't turn down.

'It`s just a blessing, man,' Keyshawn Embery, Midwest City rising senior basketball player, said. 'All the work he put in, and coming back to tell us to do the same thing, and even do more just to be better. Just to be a better person on and off the court.'

'He`s like a mentor to me,' Mason Harrell, Carl Albert rising senior basketball player, said. 'A father figure. He`s helped me along the way, picking up things and just getting better as a basketball player and as a young man."

Roland says his work won't stop here in his hometown.

He'll now turn his attention to help the next crop of kids.

'I know there`s a lot of talent in this state, and for me I want to help the kids as much as I can,' Roland said. 'I feel like there`s a lot of kids that kind of go under the radar, and don`t get seen for whatever reason, or get the proper exposure. I want to start doing more in the future to help those kids."