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Officer runs to burning RV to rescue two young children after kidnapping

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James Rose reports.

ARLINGTON, Texas – A man is dead following a bizarre chase that began with a kidnapping and shooting.

Arlington police say the chase began early Thursday morning when a man, identified as Tony Kelly, kidnapped his girlfriend and their two young children.

After being kidnapped and put into an RV, the victim was able to text 911 to report that she had been shot three times and needed help.

“In a case like this, she was probably scared to call because of him but she was able to text us,” Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks told FOX 4.

When officers caught up to the RV, they saw the woman either jump or get pushed out of the RV as it was speeding down the road at 80 to 90 miles an hour.

“She was attempting to talk to me. She was beat up pretty bad,” Officer Mitchell Singleton said. “She was worried about her kids. That’s her main concern. She was hollering, ‘My kids are in there! My kids are on there! I have two kids!'”

Authorities continued to chase Kelly, who led them on a pursuit through several cities around the Dallas area.

In the midst of the chase, Kelly called FOX4 to admit to the shooting, saying the victim showed up to his work and tried to get him fired.

“I shot her once in the leg. I shot her twice, once in one leg, once in the other leg. One in the back,” Kelly reportedly said.

After hitting stop sticks, the RV came to a stop and caught fire in Arlington.

Amazingly, the 1-year-old and 3-year-old were able to get out safely.

Lt. Chris Cook, with the Arlington Police Department, said as officers were pulling the children to safety, they heard a gunshot. They believe Kelly burned the vehicle and then shot and killed himself.

Officer Alonso Olivo is a father of six and immediately rushed to the RV to grab the children to safety.

“I guess you could say all training went out the window and the parent instinct in me took over,” he said. “And I rushed up there and grabbed both children and made my way to the closest guardrail to get back behind the closest vehicles for cover.”

Kelly died at the scene, but the victim and the children are expected to survive.

Shaun Rabb reports.