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“People just watched,” 82-year-old man fights off burglar who attacked his wife

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Christine and Yousef Youkhaneh have been married for the past 53 years, so when a burglar began to attack Christine, Yousef jumped into action.

Christine, 74, was on her porch when she was suddenly attacked by a 50-year-old home invasion suspect.

“She just kept hitting me,” she told KPIX. 

Immediately, she stumbled inside her home and called to her husband for help.

“Her body was all bloody,” Yousef said.

The suspect was armed with a gardening tool, but that didn’t stop Yousef from grappling with her.

Yousef is from Syria and is a former weight lifting champion. Although he is 82-years-old, he still does modified workouts to keep up his strength.

The pair tumbled out onto the sidewalk as he called for others to help him.

However, no one came to his aid.

“People just watched like it was a movie,” he said.

Yousef was still able to hold the woman until deputies arrived on the scene.

“I am right or maybe I am wrong, but I do my duty,” he said. “I must protect myself, my family, my home, my country.”