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Woman sucker-punches cop on cam – here’s why she says she did it

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LINCOLN PARK, Michigan - After spending two days in jail, a Michigan woman is apologizing for blacking a police officer's eye with a painful sucker-punch while wearing several rings on her fingers.

"I am sorry," Kristin Campbell told WDIV. "I told him that twice. I don't know what came over me."

Campbell was a passenger in the vehicle when the Lincoln Park officer was trying to arrest the woman driver for not having a license.

Officer Patrick Culter can be heard on video telling Campbell, "I'm tired of your mouth. Get the f*** out of here before I arrest you for the s*** you threw out the window for littering. Get out now or you can go [to jail] with her."

When Campbell got out of the vehicle, she is heard saying to Officer Culter, "You stepped on my (expletive) foot."

"You know what? Forget it," Culter said.

The officer grabbed Campbell's hand behind her back to place her under arrest, when she swung around and punched the officer on the cheek so hard that it gave Culter a black eye.

The video shows the struggle getting Campbell to the ground, where she appears to continue to refuse to cooperate.

At one point, a witness tossed back the handcuffs the officer had dropped in the scuffle and Campbell is seen grabbing them, while denying she had them.

"Let go of my handcuffs now," Culter said. "Take your hands off them."

The officer ended up tasing Campbell three times before she was finally arrested.

Culter is heard telling another officer, "She started running her mouth, and I told her she's going to jail. I go to grab her hands and she turned around and got me with those rings," Culter said.

After her two-day jail stint, Campbell claims that when the officer grabbed her hand from behind, she punched him because, "He didn't say anything. I didn't know who it was."

WDIV Reporter Jermont Terry asked Campbell, "But he was in full uniform, how did you not know?"

"That's true," Campbell said. "I didn't see who was behind me, honestly."

Having a couple of days in jail to think about her actions, Campbell admits her mistake.

"I'm lucky to be alive," Campbell said. "I guess the cop could have killed me."