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13-year-old Oklahoma boy dies after tragic horseback riding accident

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Sapulpa teen killed in horseback riding accident

SAPULPA, Okla. – A family is grieving Wednesday after losing their young son in a tragic horseback riding accident.

The family told Fox 23 their 13-year-old son, Cash Lawrence, went missing Tuesday while going horseback riding.

They believe Cash was rounding horses when the other horses provoked his horse, causing Cash to be thrown off and was then likely dragged to death.

Cash’s horse returned to the family’s home but Cash was not on the saddle, so they called police.

Officials began searching for him last night and then found his body around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday night.

“He was a hard worker, tried at everything he did. Anything that needed to be done, we’d tell him to do it, and he did it,” said Cash’s sister.

According to the family, he was not the average 13-year-old boy.

They say he was “very disciplined” and was extremely close to his grandfather.

Cash was going to be a 7th grader in Sapulpa, and was looking forward to being on his school’s basketball team.

The family says Cash and his younger brother were supposed to ride the horses in a youth rodeo on Wednesday.