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OKLAHOMA CITY – A commercial fire caused damage early Wednesday morning to several apartments.

“I'm sorry that this has happened, because it has never happened before,” said a nearby resident and local artist who goes by 'Nacho the Singer.'

He said his family owns the business right next to the building.

"There were some broken lights. I'm very sorry because of this. There are no more jobs for people inside,” Nacho said.

He said he also noticed the security cameras are missing and he thinks someone stole them, starting the fire on purpose.

However, fire officials aren’t sure about that at this time.

Officials tell us the fire started on the second floor and damaged several apartments.

"The dispatchers told our responding firefighters that they thought somebody might still be in the building,” said Benny Fulkerson with the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

Luckily, the person got out safely before crews arrived.

Also fortunate, the fire was out before the flames spread.

"We have two other buildings that are within two feet of the fire, so there were a lot of things that could have gone wrong,” Fulkerson said.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.