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Oklahoma man raises money for students with negative balances on school lunch accounts

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro man is pushing to make sure no child goes hungry.

Matthew Yeager recognized a need and decided to start raising money after realizing how many students have negative lunch balances at school.

Each year, countless Oklahoma children are served a cheese sandwich in place of a regular lunch when their lunch account dips below a zero balance.

At no fault of their own, they are faced with consequences of circumstances beyond their control.

Yeager does not think that is right.

"Students will have negative balances on their lunch accounts and, when that happens, they get an alternate lunch, which is just a cheese sandwich and milk, and I want the kids to have a full lunch instead,” he said.

So, Yeager created a GoFundMe account to help pay off student lunch debts.

"It started out as mainly family and friends. I shared it on Facebook, and then they shared it on Facebook,” he said.

Before long, he had enough to take care of almost all of Linwood Elementary’s negative balances.

Yeager contacted Oklahoma City Public Schools, and the nutrition director sent him a list of schools in need.

He picked Linwood, because he raised enough money to take care of $400 of negative balances.

"I think there was $13,000 in debt across the district,” he said.

It's debt no child should have to worry about.

"They do better on tests when they're not hungry, and we shouldn't be punishing the students test-wise for things that are out of their control,” Yeager said.

But, instead, set them up for success no matter the balance of their lunch account.

If you’d like to donate to the account Yeager established, click here. You can also contact your local public school to make a direct donation.