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Governor Fallin signs bill to restrict some autopsy details

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Governor Mary Fallin

OKLAHOMA CITY – Gov. Mary Fallin has signed a bill that would allow police or prosecutors to request some details of an autopsy be kept from the public if it would compromise an ongoing investigation.

Senate Bill 207 was one of 16 measures signed by Fallin on Tuesday.

She vetoed three others: House Bill 1210, SB 46, and SB 799.

A judge would have to agree to the law enforcement request to keep autopsy details sealed.

The autopsy bill would also ensure the family of a deceased person, law enforcement and insurance companies receive a complete copy of the autopsy report before it can be released to the public or the media.

The bill was requested after a family of a young man who died on an Oklahoma college campus learned details about his death from a media report.

The act becomes effective on November 1, 2017.