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Gunman made threatening social media posts before killing woman, kindergartner

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SANDY, Utah - Authorities are still investigating what caused a man to shoot a woman and several children in a Utah neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon.

Officials say a woman in an SUV with her 8-year-old daughter spotted 39-year-old Memorez Rackley and her two children on the side of the road and offered them a ride.

Moments later, police say 32-year-old Jeremy Patterson rammed into the back of the SUV and got out of his truck with a handgun.

Authorities say Patterson shot Rackley, her 6-year-old son Jace, Rackley's 9-year-old son and the 8-year-old daughter of the woman driving the SUV.

Rackley's 9-year-old son and the 8-year-old girl are both expected to survive their injuries.

Sadly, Rackley and Jace both died from their wounds.

At the time, police say they knew that Patterson and Rackley had some type of relationship in the past.

Authorities tell KSTU that Rackley called police on June 3 to report that Patterson was harassing her over the phone. Officers say they contacted Patterson and asked him to stop calling her, and he complied.

However, it seems that Patterson posted several angry and threatening messages on social media in the days leading up to the deadly shooting.

On Instagram, a post on Sunday features a baby with the caption "I could tell you but it's secret." In the text below the picture, Patterson wrote:

“How can someone love you so much and keep you such a secret?? After 6 months, I never met her friends, family or kids!!!! I don't think anyone deserves to be kept a secret. I love Memorez Rackley and she’s never been a secret in my life.”

On the same day, Patterson posted, “She meant the world to me and I’ve given up so much for her….How do you go from seeing someone every day to nothing.”

On the day before the shooting, Patterson posted, “My ex thinks she can Control even when we aren’t together!!!!... Let the games begin!!"

Authorities say they are still investigating the type of relationship between Patterson and Rackley.