Warm temperatures in store ahead of cold front

Oklahoma City leaders reminding residents of odd/even watering schedule

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OKLAHOMA CITY – As temperatures continue to rise across the state, city leaders in Oklahoma City are reminding residents to do their part to conserve water.

The Oklahoma City Utilities Department is reminding water customers of its permanent, year-long odd/even watering schedule.

Residents and businesses with an address that ends in an odd number can use sprinklers on odd-numbered calendar days, while residents and businesses with an address that ends in an even number can use sprinklers on even-numbered days.

Officials say the odd-even schedule does not apply to hand watering for gardens or flower beds.

“People see our local lakes at capacity and think we have plenty of water for consumption, which is true,” said Utilities Director Chris Browning. “But as we’ve seen in past years, when the rain stops and demand for water increases, it can put a strain on our system. We want to encourage people to practice conserving water every day so we may continue to provide the same quality water services our residents have come to expect from us.

In order to conserve water, check your sprinkler heads to make sure they are watering the grass and not the street or sidewalk. You may also install pressure regulating heads to ensure even water absorption.

Also, raise the blade on your mower to at least 1 inch high for Bermuda grass and 3 inches for fescue.

For flower beds, add mulch to reduce evaporation and use a nozzle with a shut-off lever to save water while not in use.