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Police: Set of car keys led authorities to series of burglaries

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PAULS VALLEY, Okla. - Investigators in Pauls Valley say a pair of car keys from a current case they are working may be the figurative key to solving a series of crimes in the area.

Pauls Valley police officers say they have had run-ins with Doug Wallace in the past.

Earlier this week, he was taken into custody for an unpaid city fine. However, officers noticed a few things out of the ordinary when they were booking him into jail.

"They noticed he had two different sets of vehicle keys and some other items that obviously didn't belong to him,” Pauls Valley Assistant Police Chief Derrick Jolley said. “We've dealt with Mr. Wallace long enough to know that he has no vehicle. So for him to have vehicle keys was pretty unusual."

The next morning, officers responded to an unrelated call, or so they thought.  During that call, they recovered a stolen SUV from an abandoned mobile home.

Lo and behold, one the keys Wallace had in his possession the day before started the SUV.

"And the fob, of course, is for the Tahoe we have in the garage,” Jolley said, referring to a Tahoe that was reported stolen out of Shawnee.

As officers were processing that vehicle, they stumbled upon several other stolen items like insurance verification, tools and RV accessories.

“As we start going through the Tahoe, we notice items from other thefts with people’s names on them,” Jolley said.

Investigators believe Wallace used the stolen Tahoe while he was committing other burglaries across the state.

Authorities believe that Wallace targeted places in Shawnee, Garvin County and McClain County. Anyone in those areas who may be missing anything should call the Pauls Valley Police Department.

"We need to know about it, because there is a good chance we have some of your property,” Jolley said.

Police say that Wallace admitted to stealing the Tahoe, but has not fessed up to other crimes. However, he is still facing numerous charges associated with the stolen property.