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Man who suffers critical injuries after falling from cliff crawls to safety, gets help days later

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -  A man who suffered critical injuries after falling off a 60-foot cliff is telling his story.

30-year-old Gerald Muskiewicz was hiking last month when he lost his footing and fell off the 60-foot cliff and then landed in a ravine.

Muskiewicz had broken his leg, hip, and arm.

“All I wanted to do is just survive,” Muskiewicz told Fox 8. “I wasn’t willing to just lay down and let myself die.”

He was able to get himself out of the water but because he his leg was broke, he was unable to walk.

It took Muskiewicz about a day to crawl to a country club for help but due to its golf course being renovated, it was closed and nobody was around, until he finally saw someone, days later.

“I woke up and I saw someone mowing the lawn,” Muskiewicz said. “I started waving my arms and screaming. He ran over and helped me.”

According to Fox 8, Muskiewicz had taken all of his clothes off to stay warm and to keep from getting hypothermia.

The man gave Muskiewicz the shirt off his back and then called for help.

“I really hope someone can help me find this man so I can thank him,” Muskiewicz said. “He saved my life.”

While he won't be able to return to work for several more weeks, he's just thankful to those who rescued him.

“I want to thank the man who spotted me, all the emergency responders, and medical workers at MetroHealth and here at Franklin Plaza for helping me,” Muskiewicz said. “Everyone has been incredible.”

He has started a gofundme account to help with the costs of his medical bills.