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Good Samaritans rescue stranded boat after 2 failed attempts on Lake Stanley Draper

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A day on the lake was cursed by Murphy's Law Sunday after initial rescue attempts fail to pull a boat to safety. It takes the help of good Samaritans to pull them to shore.

A group of friends out on their speed boat for fun on Lake Stanley Draper got stranded when a wake boarding rope got stuck in the motor.

"Just kind of went with the current all the way down to the very, very end of the lake, and it just got bad from there," said one of the boaters, Daniel Foshee.

Strong winds quickly had the boat pushed against the shore.

"We were out there for about an hour and a half, just not moving at all, going farther and farther in," said Foshee's friend also on the boat, Conner Gleason.

After they call for help, police send a boat out, but the motor stops working on the way.

"We were holding onto trees, making sure the current wasn't pulling us," Foshee said. "And, they were just stuck."

Some nearby good Samaritans were able to pull the officers' boat in as the fire department took a shot sending its boat out.

Then, that motor stopped working, as well. One disaster after another, until another boat of good Samaritans out to go fishing came to the rescue.

"We pulled up, the police were here, we went to back the boat in and they asked us if we could go get somebody stranded," said Lisa Darr, one of the civilian rescuers. "Their boat broke down as well, and someone was headed to get them already, so we said sure. Off we went."

Good news for those originally stranded, wondering when they would get the help they needed.

"That was pretty awesome," Gleason said. "I'm glad that they saw us. If they wouldn't have, I don't know how long it would have taken that cop boat to get out there."