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Twisterfest is more than just a Rock ‘n Roll show at Muscle Car Ranch

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CHICKASHA, OKLAHOMA -- Take a walk with Curtis Hart at his Muscle Car Ranch and you'll see cast offs and junk heap treasures imported from a hundred miles in every direction.

"I couldn't get enough of the old signage and I still can't to this day but at least we're gaining on them," he smiles.

The bridge planks he dug up last winter made a nice bridge across a pond on his 62 acres just outside of city limits.

Walking on the span, Curtis points out, "The top surface is 3 by 12's which cars used to drive on."

All this was a dairy once.

Curtis' grandfather pastured a few cattle on it, but Curtis himself saw something else.

He started bringing out old signs he bartered for.

"I like taking stuff that was thrown away," states Hart, "and it's still perfectly good and better than what you can get today, and darn sure more affordable, if you've got the means to unstack it."

He put them up on fences and barn siding.

Once he took over the old cars and the bigger signs came in.

During one of his rare breaks Hart got the idea to label his place 'Americana at its finest'.

"So be it," he says. "I've continually tried to push that point across."

There are lots of people who remember the swap meets and rock 'n roll shows Curtis used to put on.

Three years ago he started up again.

The big stages at his Twisterfest bring out thousands of fans who want to listen to the music.

But as they start looking around they begin to see just how unique this place really is.

Curtis looks around and says, "There's always something to do here. I love this place."

There are lots of definitions of what Americana might actually be.

Curtis Hart appears to have collected enough of it to satisfy all of them.

His Muscle Car Ranch Twisterfest runs June 16 through 18 in 2017.

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