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A giant hole in family’s fence and pocketbook

OKLAHOMA CITY - Rachel Mack's week went from bad to worse.

She says a landscaping company took out her gate and hit her gas line.

“We were evacuated from our home,” she said.

Now she's in a dispute with the landscaper and with a second contractor hired to replace her old fence.

“Contract was signed,” she said. “I paid 50 percent down via credit card over the phone.”

She put half down, almost $3800 and then the fence guy disappeared.

He never set foot in this yard ever again, not even to remove the old fence.

“I don't know how somebody could come up with so many things that were wrong, between health stuff and rain and phone lines,” Rachel said. “It's like every time I called there was an excuse of some sort.”

The problem for Sam Morrison and Morrison Fence Company is he signed off on this written contract outlining the scope of the work.

We traced his fence company back to a NW Oklahoma City address.

Morrison's name is on the mailbox, but there was no sign of the business owner anywhere.

The place is pretty much cleaned out and we found a demolition crew remodeling the building.

We kept checking out leads, eventually tracking down Morrison's former office manager, who told us Sam Morrison isn’t out of business. He’s on medical leave.  

She blamed the slow progress on Morrison's health crisis, plus one of their work crews retired and they just couldn't get to Rachel's job.

Morrison called us back and left us several voicemails saying he prefers to let things play out in court, because Rachel has decided to sue.

“My position is still the same,” Morrison said. “This is a pending lawsuit now and I can not talk to you about it until I go to court.”

Morrison Fence Company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Morrison Fence did offer Rachel some of her money back.

They claim they already purchased materials to build the fence with Rachel's down payment and can't return the supplies.

Rachel and Sam Morrison will each get their day in court later this month.

We'll check back.