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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A man has been arrested after pointing a laser at the Oklahoma City Police Department's helicopter.

Air 1 is one of the many tools Oklahoma City police use to fight crime.

On Monday night, Air 1 was patrolling the area in northeast Oklahoma City when the pilots faced an unexpected turn of events.

"A green laser was being pointed from what appeared to be a back yard,” said Officer Megan Morgan.

The laser pointer was aiming directly at the helicopter, which police said is never good.

"That has the potential to blind the pilots and, thereby, cause a major catastrophe. It's very dangerous,” Morgan said.

Fortunately, before that happened though, Air 1 was able to pin point the suspect's location.

Nineteen-year-old Darren Williams was then taken into custody at his home in the 800 block of N.E. 70th.

According to police, in some cases, this can be a federal crime.

"We take it very seriously. I think it was just the state charge that he was booked in on, but it can be a federal crime,” Morgan said. "A lot of people don't understand this is actually very dangerous. When the laser goes up into the sky, it actually magnifies by the time it gets up to where air planes and helicopters are.”

Authorities said they have reason to believe, in this case though, Williams knew what he was doing.

Williams was arrested on a charge of Violations of Laser Safety Act.