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Police: Indecent exposure suspect using banana to draw attention to himself

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TULSA, Okla. – Police in Tulsa are searching for a man who is accused of exposing himself in a nearby neighborhood multiple times.

Authorities tell FOX 23 that they have received several calls from residents in a midtown Tulsa neighborhood about a man exposing himself.

The callers reported that a man in his 60s was carrying a single banana by his side to draw attention to himself.

“So she told us that he was walking and he had this banana in his hand, and she looked down to see why he was holding the banana weird. He was exposing himself,” said Charity Beesley.

Investigators say all the reports are the same, but they have yet to find a suspect.

In fact, they believe the man likely takes off as soon as someone sees what he is doing.

Now, officers say they want to catch the suspect before the crimes escalate.

“They get a rush off of it, it’s like an adrenaline rush I suppose. They’ll do more and more to get that rush,” Beesley said.