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Police investigate robbery and shooting in NW Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Police are looking for a suspect after an early-morning robbery and shooting on the city’s northwest side.

It happened just after 4 a.m. outside of a home near the intersection of N.W. 27th and Military.

"I feel scared,” Olivia Heuyen told NewsChannel 4. "I was sleeping. Well, I wasn't really falling asleep. I was kind of in the middle, you know, but I could hear something going on."

Turns out, a couple was being robbed and the woman was shot outside a home across from Heuyen.

"I heard people screaming around here. The noise, it was really weird. It was a woman screaming. I'm not sure if I heard the man's voice, but I think the man was chasing the girl or something,” Heuyen said.

That left her so frazzled she said she didn’t want to leave her house.

According to police, the two were returning home from an overnight shift at work when a man approached the woman with a gun.

"During the struggle to get her belongings, she was shot,” said Lt. Michelle Henderson with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

The suspect got away with some jewelry.

Fortunately, police said the woman is doing alright.

Police want to remind you no property is worth risking your safety.

“Let the robber have your stuff. Hopefully, you won't get hurt. You never know what's going to happen when these kind of crimes happen,” Henderson said.

Police are still looking for the suspect.