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Mother speaks out about son arrested for Guthrie murder; Victim shot 36 times

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GUTHRIE, Okla. - It was only two months ago when 24-old-year Joey Angelo was gunned down on the front porch of a Guthrie home where he was shot 36 times.

Four men are now in jail charged with the crime, but one mother says her son is innocent.

“I'm not going to say my son is perfect, my children are perfect, because they ain't. But, they did not kill that man,” said Sheila Smith.

Sheila Smith's son, Reggie Smith, is one of the men locked up in the Logan County Jail awaiting trial.

“These are my babies. My babies have been accused of a heinous crime in this community,” Sheila Smith said.

Court records allege Reggie Smith and the other suspects went to the crime scene in retaliation after someone tried to steal marijuana from him earlier in the day.

One witness said he saw Reggie Smith that night and he was extremely angry, pacing back and forth. He then allegedly left to find the “gang bangers" and thirty minutes later returned home.

But Sheila Smith says her son came to her home during that time and says police never questioned her about her son's whereabouts that night.

“They did not speak to us, they haven't came and questioned us, they ain't done nothing,” she said.

And this mother also claims police have no physical evidence tying her son to the crime scene. She's just hoping the truth will soon come out.

“I want my kids home. I want them go be treated fairly. I want them to have a fair trial,” Smith said.

Logan County District Attorney Laura Austin Thomas says she cannot comment on the evidence in the case.

She says the OSBI conducted an extensive investigation and will continue to do so.