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“She was beating him,” Stranger confronts woman allegedly hitting child inside store

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A woman in Indiana says she simply had to intervene when she saw a woman beating a child.

“All I could do is think if this is what happens here, what happens at home?” said Jeanna Aliff.

Aliff told WRTV that she was shopping in Kroger when she heard a woman screaming and hitting a young boy in the face.

“She was beating him in an aggressive manner. He was just sitting there slumped over and she was just kind of having her way with him,” she said.

Aliff says she couldn’t stand by and watch, so she confronted the woman and told her to stop.

She says the woman told her to mind her own business, and even hit her.

Aliff says the store manager called police while she snapped photos of the woman and her vehicle and posted it to Facebook, asking if anyone knew the woman.

Eventually, the post was seen by the young boy’s mother.

The mother told Aliff that the woman in the photos is her son’s grandmother, and had been staying with her for a few days. She says she had no idea any kind of abuse was occurring.

“So when people see this kind of stuff out and about, I hope that someone else steps up. If you see a kid being abused, step in, say something,” Aliff said.

Police tell WRTV that they are investigating the incident, but have not made any arrests.