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“No one really knows what he’s going to do,” Thunder fans waiting for Westbrook’s next move

OKLAHOMA CITY - After winning the MVP title, Russell Westbrook and his fans are basking in the glow of his success.

"He’s been a big impact on Oklahoma, like he kind of made us more known, and then him having so many triple doubles this year," said fan Terrence Thompson. "He got real big exposure."

But now the question on everyone's mind is whether he'll stay after his contract is up.

"No one really knows what he’s going to do," Thompson said.

He's still under contract through the upcoming season. Now, the Thunder is expected to offer him a five-year extension for somewhere in the neighborhood of $220 million.

"I think he has to sit back and has to analyze about his future," said fan Jermaine Harshaw. "If he has a future here then he has to stay here, but if he has a future somewhere else and it benefits his family, I think he should go and do like KD did."

Harshaw said he believes OKC fans would still support him if he left, but many are hoping he'll stick around for the good of the team and the area.

Young basketball player, Britt Drake, said he sees Westbrook as his role model.

"If Russell left, I would be so sad and upset," Drake said.

And the older fans agree.

"Without him, the Thunder wouldn’t really be anything," Thompson said.