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Oklahoma man facing charges after allegedly sending nude pictures of ex-girlfriend to her son

ENID, Okla. – An Oklahoma man is facing charges after he allegedly sent nude pictures of a former girlfriend to her son.

In April 2017, a woman and her son contacted the Enid Police Department, saying 63-year-old John Robert Underwood sent “sexual images” of her to her son, court records show.

The woman’s son reportedly confirmed his mother’s statement to police, adding that Underwood sent the sexually explicit images to him via Facebook.

According to court records obtained by Enid News, the son showed police the images and the messages Underwood allegedly sent.

Along with the sexually explicit messages were blocks of text, including “I know you want your mother. Here she is.”

According to Enid News, other comments included in the messages were too inappropriate for publication.

When detectives questioned Underwood about the images, he reportedly admitted to sending them to the woman’s son.

Court documents state Underwood told police that he sent the pictures out of “vindictiveness” because he was angry with the woman.

Underwood said he believed the woman had stolen from him because he had spent $7,000 on dental work for the woman during their six-month relationship.

The man did not think it was a crime to send the pictures to the woman’s son because he did not put the images online.

On Friday, Underwood was charged with violation of Oklahoma statute via computer for the crime.