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High school hockey player recovering after jugular cut in skating accident

EDINA, Minn. –  A high school hockey player is recovering after suffering a life-threatening injury on the ice last month.

On June 28, the hockey team from Holy Family Catholic High School was practicing on the ice when an accident nearly claimed Michael Spinner’s life.

“His leg had kicked up when I was reaching for the puck, and it caught me on the side of my jugular,” Michael Spinner told KARE. “I then saw blood come out of my neck, and I rushed immediately off the ice.”

Spinner’s family says that the coaching staff called 911 and held a hockey sock against his neck until an ambulance arrived.

Spinner’s father says that Michael lost 30 percent of his blood volume before doctors repaired his jugular.

Although he is out of the hospital, Spinner says he won’t get back on the ice unless he’s wearing a neck guard.

“I would much rather be uncomfortable wearing a neck guard than have to ever go through this experience ever again,”he said.

The coaching staff tells KARE that they will require all of the team to wear neck guards next season.