Man says he was fired from store for helping child during kidnapping situation

PORTLAND, Ore. – For the past four years, 32-year-old Dillon Reagan has worked at the Home Depot at the Mall 205 in Portland.

However, he says an unexpected event cost him his job.

On May 12, he tells KGW that he was finishing his shift when a coworker spotted a violent domestic dispute in the parking lot.

“I stepped outside and sure enough, there’s this lady who’s frantic and crying, ‘Somebody help me, please! He’s stealing my kid! He’s kidnapping my child,” he said.

Reagan and the coworker called 911 and followed the man for about three blocks until police arrived.

After giving their statements to police, Reagan says they returned to the store about 10 minutes later.

The next month, he says he was fired and chastised for his actions on that day. He says his manager told him that he should have just gone back to work instead of following the man.

It marked his second offense in a month after he was previously cited for arguing with a coworker a few weeks earlier.

“We should be doing the right thing regardless of what company policy is, regardless of what the consequence is,” Reagan said. “What’s good and what’s right, supersedes what’s policy and what’s orders. Hands down.”

After KGW contacted Home Depot about the case, the home improvement store reversed its decision.

“We took a second look at this and have let Mr. Reagan know that we’ve decided to reverse our decision, based on the circumstances. We always do our diligence to make sure associates are treated fairly, which we’ve done in this case,” a statement from Home Depot read.

However, Reagan says he doesn’t want his job back and hopes his next employer wouldn’t have to think twice when it came to an emergency situation.