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EDMOND, Okla -- Nowadays, Alison Winfield takes her wallet with her when she hits the gym.

"I had one of my rear windows smashed and they took all my stuff out because I put valuables under clothes. They saw the thing of clothes and assumed it was underneath it so they took all my stuff and they broke my window," Winfield said.

Police say these thieves are part of a nationwide crime ring.

They sit and watch local health clubs, daycare centers and parks for busy, distracted moms.

"They are looking for the people who leave purses or bags in the car. True identity theft crime ring. They want your ID and checkbook," Edmond police spokesperson, Jenny Wagnon, said.

And then they run straight to the bank to drain your accounts.

"They take the checks they've stolen and they'll get disguises to match the IDs they've stolen then go to the outside lane of the bank to cash the checks. That's why we call them the felony lane gang," Wagnon said.

Investigators say they've struck Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, Yukon, and Edmond.

Edmond PD is launching a creative awareness campaign.

Cops are distributing fliers all over town in hopes of grabbing your attention.

And encouraging you to lock the car and take your belongings.

It is a lesson Alison Winfield learned the hard way.

"Even if I'm tired, at the end of the day take all the stuff even at my house. Better safe than sorry," she said.