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Pennsylvania town takes action against disrespectful behavior, profanity on public basketball court

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MCDONALD, Pa. – A town in Pennsylvania is taking a stand against what it claims is disrespectful behavior from teenagers at a public park.

McDonald Mayor Terry Bennett says enough is enough.

For the past several years, town officials have received complaints about the behavior surrounding the public basketball courts at Heritage Park.

“They think it’s their right to freedom of speech. What they’re doing is harassing a lot of the other people who use this park. A lot of parents who use this park don’t want their children to be exposed to this profanity,” said McDonald Council President Patrick Powell.

After receiving complaints of profanity and disrespect on the basketball courts, city leaders got involved.

“The language is atrocious and we’re not going to put up with it, and we’ve warned them and it didn’t do any good, so we took the rims down,” Bennett told KDKA.

Last week, crews took down the basketball hoops from the park and officials say they won’t be put up until the teens clean up their act.