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Oklahoma City Thunder’s Steven Adams teases Andre Roberson over $14 tip

OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s not uncommon for waiters and waitresses to post photos of receipts on social media when they feel they were short-changed.

However, it is not as common to see celebrities called out for their poor tipping habits.

Recently, a waiter in Texas called out Oklahoma City Thunder’s Andre Roberson for leaving a $14 tip on a nearly $500 bill.

Roberson says he usually tips if there is service, but says he just ordered a bottle at a bar.

“Shouldn’t have had to tip you it was just a bottle at a bar… there was no service.. now I can see if it was a club! You Reaching bro,” Roberson responded.

Roberson explained more of his side of the story on Instagram.

“First of all, all I bought was a bottle of liquor which happens to range from 84-129$ retail at a store! And I just so happen (sic) to buy this same bottle at this bar (not club) and it happened to be marked up to 487$ Which is unbelievable for a bar but all good still bought it anyways. But then you got BS media outlets going around saying I was at a restaurant eating… or at a bar running up a tab on food and drinks! No that’s false! Ask my man who tweeted it out for the whole pic of the receipt then and you’ll see ONE bottle!! Anyways I left 13 dollars to even it out to 500! Granted I had a couple drinks and didn’t add it up correctly (sorry CU). But right before I ordered the bottle I had a 100$ tab on shots and left 200$ tip (and closed) now if you ask me that’s great!! I figured instead of ordering shots and waiting every time in line, it would be smarter/cheaper to buy a bottle than to pay for shots and wait, so that’s what I did! So I thought he’d be grateful about the 200$ tip and would take 100$ off the tip before I had a bottle and put it towards the 487$ over priced bottle and call it even…”but no I’m in the Nba I’m obligated to over pay”! I don’t roll like that.. now I’m a great guy and all for helping people out but when you try to take advantage of a situation it pisses me off!!!! So at the end of the day the close ones to me my fam, friends, etc know I’m a great tipper!” he posted.

According to ESPN, the receipt was posted the same day that Roberson reportedly agreed to a $30 million contract with the Thunder.

While many on social media supported Roberson, his teammates couldn’t help but tease him on Twitter.