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Families stranded on dry land, sold fake cruise vouchers

OKLAHOMA CITY - Amy Anderson and Jana Sampson is still reeling 5 years later

They say scammed out of hundreds of dollars by this woman Tracey Graf, of Farmersville, Texas, the sister of one of their good friends.

“She was saying she was over a bunch of people and they were in her Scentsy group and this was a promotion for them, to thank them for selling so many candles,” Amy said. “It sounded legit. It was a best friend of ours.”

Amy and Jana and about 50 others say Graf sold them fake cruise vouchers on a carnival cruise ship boarding out of Galveston, Texas.

“I was mad,” Jana said. “I cried.”

Their cash and dream vacation was snatched right out from underneath their noses.

They say Graf dropped the bombshell on them, but only after they were 500 miles away from home, in a hotel room in Galveston just 11 miles from the pier.

“We're packing our luggage up [and] we're all excited, ready to go, we have our luggage, we're loading it and we get the phone call from Tracey,” Amy said.

The cruise wasn't happening, leaving more than a dozen families stranded.

Our team reached out to Carnival.

A company rep said, "We are aware of this matter and provided our full cooperation to law enforcement in their investigation."

Graf was convicted of forgery and credit card abuse in Texas in 2013, but was able to avoid prison in exchange for paying restitution.

Now four years later, she’s still on probation and accusing of running a second travel scam.

“I kind of blocked it out,” Jana said. “Then for it to come up and see her getting away with it again, all those families hurt.”

This time she’s accused of posing as a travel agent, targeting her victims on Facebook and selling more fake carnival cruise vouchers to hundreds of more people in as many as four states.

Graf was arrested on the new theft charge and has since posted a $25,000 bond in Mckinney, Texas.

The Collin County Sheriff's Department in McKinney tells our team their office has received more than 50 reports involving Graf.

Their investigation is ongoing.