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Don’t be fooled by this Blue Cross Blue Shield scam

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - James Spaeth says he normally won't answer a call from a number he doesn't recognize, but this call he answered.

He said hello to someone identifying themselves as a rep from Blue Cross Blue Shield.

One way they're trying to scam people is by promising deeply discounted health care rates.

We pulled up loads of warnings online.

There are reports coming in of scammers using personal information to set up monthly recurring transactions on your debit or credit card for a purchase you never authorized. 

James didn't let it get that far.

“I try to ask them questions, if they could identify themselves better, give a claim number that I could track them with, then I would maybe be more forth with information.

The In Your Corner bottom line is insurance providers will already have your personal information on file, so they shouldn't be asking you for it over the phone.

“After I asked her three times and pointed out this was not typical for Blue Cross Blue Shield she terminated the call,” James said.

James blocked the number and hasn't heard from anyone since.

If you receive one of these calls, hang up and block the number.