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Paramedics: 4 people treated for heat-related illnesses during drum corps practice

OKLAHOMA CITY – Paramedics rushed to a local high school football field after several members of a drum corps suffered heat-related illnesses.

On Monday afternoon, EMSA paramedics were called to Putnam City West High School after several people in a drum corps became overheated.

First responders say four people were treated at the scene for heat-related illnesses.

Officials say the Seattle Cascades were practicing on the field ahead of a competition in Mustang on Tuesday.

EMSA urges citizens to stay safe in the heat by drinking plenty of water and taking frequent breaks in the shade or indoors,

  • Drink plenty of water or electrolyte replacement drinks several hours prior to and during long exposure to summer heat
  • Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing and a wide-brimmed hat if working outdoors. Be sure to take plenty of shade breaks
  • Do not drink alcohol or caffeine
  • Find a cooling station or public space during the day if you don’t have access to air conditioning
  • Use the buddy system if working outdoors and check on elderly neighbors
  • Keep a cell phone on you at all times when outdoors; including walking, running daily errands, yard work, sports or physical activity.