Foster parents frustrated by stalled project

OKLAHOMA CITY - Stephen and Krista Pursley continue to open up their home and hearts to Oklahoma foster children. 

“We have a good life,” Stephen said. “We have a nice house. We have the room.”

They've fostered 36 kids.

Now the family has the extra room to foster another child, except there's no window, so the space doesn't meet DHS guidelines.

“It's a DHS rule,” Krista said. “Yes and [the room must have] a fire ladder, route to escape in case of an emergency.”

They turned to a local contractor to build them a new window dormer. 

The project was humming right along, until money changed hands.

The contractor and his crew cut a small hole in the wall, but haven't been back since.

“It was a 32 inch window right here and there was going to be a toy bench underneath and possibly bookshelves on each side,” Krista said.

The contractor tells the In Your Corner team he is taking caring of things, but fell behind after he fell ill.

He says he was forced to spend some of the Pursley's money on medical bills.

Here’s the thing, the more delays, the longer this foster family must delay rescuing a child in need.

While the contractor is coming up with the refund, we've connected the Pursleys with a second contractor, who is willing to work with them on the price and project.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress.