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Possible record-breaking mushroom found in Utah

KAMAS, Utah — A Utah man is showing off his record-breaking find: the biggest mushroom in Utah history.

Volker Ritzinger calls himself the mushroom king, a third-generation mushroom hunter from Austria. He said, when he found the 15 inch tall mushroom weighing five and a half pounds in the Uinta Mountains, he knew he found a winner.

“I let out this burst of scream, and I'm like screaming, and it’s all on video, you know, and I saw this giant, at first I thought it was a tree stump because I couldn't believe my eyes,” Ritzinger told KSTU.

He credits his find to an unusually wet year. His son was the former record holder for biggest Utah 'Shroom.'

Ritzinger said he can’t believe he found it before a moose, worms or another mushroom hunter did.

He doesn't plan to eat this one just yet. For now, it’s frozen, waiting to see if the mushroom king will be crowned with a Guinness world record title.