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OKLAHOMA CITY - Concerns about safety cropped up among some elementary school parents one day after a young girl reported a man tried to lure her with candy on the way to school.

Oklahoma City Public School and police officials said Tuesday the young girl was walking alone, on her way to school at Kaiser Elementary Monday morning when a white male in a white van drove up to her and offered her a piece of candy.

"At that point the little girl turned and ran," said MSgt. Gary Knight, an Oklahoma City Police Department spokesman Tuesday. "She did the right thing - she fled - she ran to the school and told the teacher what had happened."

Knight says while offering a piece of candy seems suspicious, it doesn't indicate a crime was committed.

"Right now, there's no evidence that a crime has been committed," he said. "We don't have enough information to jump to any conclusions whatsoever."

District officials sent a letter to Kaiser families Tuesday warning them about the incident; Superintendent Aurora Lora urged students to "remain vigilant" when walking to school.

"Making sure your kids - whenever possible - have a buddy to walk with and making sure that all students know that if something were to ever happen, where to find a safe adult who you can tell," Lora said Tuesday afternoon during an interview.

School has only been in session for about one week and Lora says this is the only incident they have been made aware of.

"We are sending the letter home to let families know to be on the lookout in the neighborhood," she said.

Dozens of Kaiser Elementary parents lined up outside the school Tuesday waiting to pick up their children from school. Tania Hernandez was among them.

"I drop off my kids every morning, hoping that they're going to be safe," said the mother of twins.

Hernandez says the incident Monday is serious and would welcome seeing more security around the school to prevent anything bad from happening. But she knows the best defense is ensuring her kids know what to do in the event of a stranger coming to talk to them.

"I talk to them every day and they know what to do in case a stranger comes and tries to talk to them," she said. "They know they're not allowed to talk to them and they have to run to the house or run to someone and tell them what's going on."