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Oklahoma City boxing coach praised for changing the lives of many

OKLAHOMA CITY - It's nestled in a south Oklahoma City shopping center.

Nothing sets it apart except for the continuous stream of young people walking in and out of the door.

That's what gets your attention.

But, if you look closely, you'll see a sign that lets you know you're at Sims Boxing Academy.

Open the door, and you'll hear leather gloves making contact with a mitt. And, you'll hear Coach Sims urging his students on.

"Come off the blocks with her. Come off the blocks," he says.

It's uncomfortably hot inside. But, the gym is packed.

"Coach Sims is always helping people in the neighborhood. A lot of kids leave here with more respect," says Harvey Privett. "Especially the ones who've been with him a long time."

Harvey Privett nominated Coach Sims for Pay It 4Ward.

Coach Lavel Sims is ex-military, ex-boxer and committed to his kids.

He has two goals.

"Keeping them off the streets. Trying to do something positive," he says.  "I can't help every kid, but if I can save that one, I've done my job."

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