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Mystery man leaves $2,000 donation at Luther school in memory of beloved teacher

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LUTHER, Okla. - A mystery man is helping an Oklahoma school district.

Staff at a Luther school say a man handed over $2,000 to the school as a gift.

“Yesterday, early in the morning, a gentleman walked to the front office. My secretary grew up in Luther, she didn't know who he was,” said Luther Principal Sheila Wilson.

All we know about this mystery man is he's a local pastor. He walked in, handed the secretary an envelope, and said it was a gift.

“It was this envelope and my secretary brought it in. And we very carefully opened the contents because we didn't know what was inside,” said Wilson.

Inside was an anonymous letter that read:

“School Administrator

Please see that this donation is put into the correct hands. Students and teachers quite often need things that their parents or the school system cannot provide. This donation although not as large as it needs to be is for those students or teachers who might need a little assistance."

Wrapped inside the letter was money.

“I opened up the paper and inside were two stacks of $100 bills, paper-clipped together and the total gift was $2,000,” said Wilson.

The donation was in memory of Lavina Bostwick. Bostwick was a kindergarten teacher for 35 years who passed away last year.

“I can feel her smiling. Because she loved to please people,” said friend Cathy Smith.

Smith said Bostwick might be gone from this earth but her spirit keeps on giving.

“That was her life, school was her life,” Smith said.

Wilson decided to use the $2000 the way Bostwick would have wanted;  By giving her faculty an equal share of it.

“With my $80, I'll probably just see if any of my children need anything,” Smith said.

We also heard that White Rock Public Schools where Ms. Bostwick taught also received the same donation today.