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‘I think we should also be removing mosques after 9/11,’ Oklahoma lawmaker’s Facebook post sparking controversy

OKLAHOMA CITY - A Facebook post by an Oklahoma lawmaker is receiving a lot of attention after the post suggested removing mosques from America.

The post by Rep. John Bennett suggests that if Confederate monuments are being removed because of the Civil War, mosques should also be removed due to 9/11.

"If we're removing Confederate monuments after the Civil War, I think we should also be removing mosques after 9/11," his Facebook post said.

“It is not an idol. It’s a place where serve the poor, take care of the hungry and cure the sick. Making this association is extremely irrational," said Imad Enchassi with the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City. “This is a place where American Muslims, Oklahoma Muslims, proudly serve fellow Oklahomans.”

The post has since been taken down.

We reached out to Rep. Bennett's office for comment. However, we haven't heard back. So, we went to the capitol and asked his assistant if we could speak to him.

She called Rep. Bennett to see if he would comment.

In a phone conversation with Bennett, she said, "I know, I know. They don't want to hear the truth."

She also called security and had our crew escorted out of the office.