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Family’s dogs hailed as heroes after saving children from copperhead snake 

BRANDON, FL. – Two pit bulls are being hailed as heroes after saving children from a copperhead snake.

According to WFLA, Slayer and Paco began barking at the snake when it got close to children who were playing in the backyard.

That’s when the snake struck, and bit both dogs with its venom.

Slayer was struck in he face and snout, while Paco was bit in the leg.

Melissa Butt, the children’s grandmother, immediately rushed both dogs to an emergency vet.

“We need to get the anti-venom quickly, in order for them to get a good prognosis. It is very, very painful,” Dr. Shelby Loos said. “We give them medicine for pain and make them as comfortable as possible. But, we have to act fast.”

Paco had to spend one night in the hospital and was then able to go home. Slayer had a harder time recovering as his face and mouth were so swollen that he could “barely get his tongue out.”

However, after more medication, Slayer was able to go home on Wednesday.

“It was devastating to see how bad it had gotten,” Butt said.

Both dogs are recovering well.