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Thieves target mailboxes in metro neighborhood

OKLAHOMA CITY - People in one southwest Oklahoma City neighborhood are on edge after they say a man in a truck is driving around and looking in their mailboxes.

“He just comes down the street and he just goes from mailbox to mailbox, opening them up and we could see that he wasn’t putting anything in there," said Richard Scipione, who caught the suspect on video in his neighborhood near South Meridian and SW 119th.

In the video, taken from Scipiones security cameras, a man in a truck rounds the cul-de-sac looking in each mailbox. Scipiones says he fears the worst.

"Probably identity theft," he said. "I mean, the stuff that’s in there, it’s crazy. I get so many credit card offers and just things, bank statements, all kinds of stuff. All kinds of information on there that anybody could use in who knows how many ways.”

He and his wife called police and the video was turned over to investigators.

Scipiones says similar complaints are coming from other people in the area.

Police say if you suspect your mail is being tampered with, keep an eye on your bank statements for any evidence of fraud.

If you recognize the man in the video, call police.