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Alert driver leads to arrest of man, woman for child abuse

Antonio Reed and Tamicca Jones

OKLAHOMA CITY – Authorities say an alert citizen led to the arrest of two people for child abuse.

On Sept. 15, officers were called to a possible kidnapping after a witness told dispatchers that she was following a vehicle after she saw someone grab a child ‘and yank him into the car.’

When police caught up to the vehicle, the arrest affidavit states that they saw a man lean back from the driver’s seat and hit a young child several times with a hammer fist.

After pulling the vehicle over, officers noticed that a young boy was crying in the back seat and had a “swollen bloody nose, swollen bloody lip, and what appeared to be black eyes coming in,” the affidavit states.

While speaking with 40-year-old Antonio Reed, officers say the boy called him a ‘liar’ and was immediately hit by  33-year-old Tamicca Jones.

Reed and Jones were arrested on a complaint of child abuse.