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Ricocheting buckshot round injures several people, including Oklahoma officer

ENID, Okla. – Several people, including an Oklahoma police officer, were injured when a buckshot round ricocheted off an Enid street.

Around 9:30 a.m. on Monday, an Enid animal control officer saw a man being attacked by three vicious dogs in the 100 block of N. 17th St.

At that point, the animal control officer called for help and Enid police officers responded to the scene.

During the incident, investigators say the dogs’ owner was able to gain control of them but one broke free and charged a police officer.

That’s when the officer fired a round from his shotgun, hitting the dog.

However, several pellets from the buckshot round ricocheted off the street and hit the animal control officer, another Enid police officer and the victim.

All three were taken to a nearby hospital and treated for minor, mostly superficial injuries.

Officials say they are all expected to be released from the hospital soon.

The Enid Police Department says it is continuing to investigate this incident.