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TULSA, Okla. – An Oklahoma woman says she is in a battle with a Colorado animal shelter over the custody of her dog.

Patti Sears breeds French bulldogs, and says she allowed a woman in Colorado to show her dog, Wyatt, at dog shows in the area for the past two years.

Recently, Colorado authorities arrested the woman, identified as Marleen Puzak, for animal cruelty and hoarding. Investigators say they found nearly 30 dogs in her home and the corpses of 10 dogs in her freezer.

One of the dogs that was confiscated was Wyatt.

All of the animals were taken to the Denver Animal Shelter, but Sears says workers at the shelter will not give Wyatt back to her.

Attorneys for the Denver Animal Shelter tell FOX 23 that since Wyatt was with Puzak for more than 30 days, she is considered her dog. and she signed her ownership rights over to the county.

Shelter officials say Sears originally gave them the wrong microchip number before giving them the correct number for Wyatt.

Sears says that she accidentally got the microchip numbers for Wyatt and his sister mixed up. Following that mix up, the shelter says the microchip is not enough evidence to hand him back over to Sears.