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Special session for state lawmakers costs taxpayers $30,700 daily

OKLAHOMA CITY – A special session for state lawmakers is costing taxpayers $30,700 each day.

The first day of the session came on Monday, after a cigarette fee failed to pass by a court.

Democrat House Representative Forrest Bennett said it was bound to happen.

“It's a shame that this could have been avoided entirely," Bennett said. "26 house Democrats during regular session repeatedly said, 'If you pass this cigarette fee, we're going to be back here.”

State republicans are also aware of the hefty price tag.

“We need to spend the taxpayers’ money wisely,” said House Speaker Charles McCall. “We know that - every day that we're here working in session, convening - the cost is roughly $30,000.”

But, exactly how are the tens of thousands of dollars it costs each day being paid for?

“We will not have to have a special appropriation for this special session. It will come out of the House's budget that was established last session,” McCall said.

A representative for the Secretary of Finance department also referred us to McCall’s statements.

However, at the end of the day, regardless of a budget, it’s the taxpayers that are footing the bill.