Rain expected to move in on Sunday

Historic military convoy travels through Arcadia

ARCADIA, Okla. - Despite the rain, people came out to Arcadia to see a historic convoy of military vehicles.

"It's history. I've never seen these types of vehicles before and where else could I go to have seen them? History!" Marilynn Herring said.

Marilynn traveled 60 miles to see three dozen vehicles in a convoy, organized by the Military Vehicle Preservation Association.

The entire convoy is traveling the old Route 66, and started in Chicago a little over a week ago.

The trip will take them over 2,400 miles where they will end in Santa Monica, California.

The mission of theĀ  Military Vehicle Preservation Association is to put history in motion, and you may not realize that Route 66 was once a major military supply road in WWII.