Brother of missing Oklahoma boy testifies against couple accused of his murder

PONTOTOC COUNTY, Okla. – A couple accused of beating their nephew to death is on trial for his murder.

Colton Clark disappeared from his aunt and uncle’s home in April of 2006. Rescue crews and authorities searched for days around the property but never found any signs of Colton.

Colton Clark

In September of 2015, the case was reopened by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations. Authorities ultimately arrested Colton’s aunt and uncle, Rex and Rebecca Clark, in connection to his disappearance.

After the case was reopened, investigators detailed instances of alleged abuse inside the Clark home.

The arrest affidavit alleged that “Rex used a red and white electric cattle prod to create an electrical shock to Homer and Colton’s genitals.”

Homer, Colton’s brother, told investigators about a brutal beating in early March 2006 after the Clarks allegedly accused Colton of stealing a turquoise ring. Homer said he saw Colton on the couch afterward, and his face was “black and blue.” He told investigators he was not sure whether or not Colton was breathing.

Rex and Rebecca Clark

Rex and Rebecca Clark were charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit a felony, child abuse and child neglect.

They pleaded not guilty to the charges.

“They have maintained their innocence from Day 1,” said defense attorney Robert Butler. “I think they’ve been pulling their hair out for years trying to find that young man.”

On Wednesday, Homer testified that he believed that Rex and Rebecca Clark are responsible for his brother’s death.