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Oklahoma mother talks about backseat delivery

COALGATE, Okla. – An Oklahoma mother is telling the incredible story about her son’s backseat delivery.

Lacy Hamer, of Tushka, Okla., told KTEN she has given birth to three other children, but her most recent experience with her fourth child was definitely not routine.

When Hamer went into labor Monday morning, her husband loaded her up in the car and started driving to a hospital in Ada.

However, she said her new baby boy just couldn’t wait to say hello.

Hamer’s husband eventually pulled over in Coalgate, Okla. where she gave birth to a healthy baby boy in the back of her husband’s car.

“I was so scared, but so excited to get him out,” she said. “Then when I saw him and he was crying, it was just so exciting! The pain wasn’t there anymore, I was just so excited to see him! And then hearing him cry was even better.”

Hamer told KTEN that she thinks little Rowdee is a miracle baby after being born in the backseat of a car without any medical assistance.